Paralysed Zakoota urges PM Nawaz for a home


If you were a kid or a teenager in late 90s and had a television set at your home, chances are 100 percent that you remember a superpower character ‘Zakoota’ and his famous dialogue, ‘Mujhy Kaam Batao, Main Kia Karoun, Main Kis Ko Khaoun,’ in the most popular children drama serial in the Pakistan history, ‘Ainak Wala Jin.’


The 62 years old Matloob ur Rehman alias Munna Lahori, who played Zakoota in Ainak Wala Jin, is now a jobless-paralysed patient.

Munna Lahori, a veteran stage artist at Al Hamra Arts Council, Lahore, has not done a single show for last eight months.

The stage artist had run out of money and have to leave his home. There is no home for Zakoota in Lahore city and he is living somewhere in a non residential area.

Munna requests government and drama industry to allot him a home somewhere in a residential area.

“I request Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef to allot me a home in a residential area, where, at least, I can die in peace and my family can live like human beings” said Munna Lahori.

Talking to media, Munna Lahori aka Zakoota, complained that during his illness days, nobody from Arts Council, artist organisations, and government has come for his help.

His wife, Rukhsana, told that Munna’s elder son works at Lahore Metro and earns a sum of rupees 12,000 per month.

“Zakoota found his job and did it well. He entertained you and created memories. It is now your time to pay back and all you need to do is, raise your voice and share the message, ‘Zakoota Needs A Home’”. added Rukhsana.