Ranbir will always be a vital part of my life: Deepika

While it has been endlessly discussed, mercilessly gossipped about, analysed intensively, dissected into a million pieces and then put back together again, the much publicised relationship between the beautiful Deepika Padukone and the scion of the Kapoor family Ranbir Kapoor refuses to be put to rest! And mind you, for once it is clear that the media is the last one responsible for this.


At first, it started with the million fans that the couple have, who expressed their heartbreak with the end of the affair.

Just when we had finished moping about the end of the lovely pair as a couple and were ready to bury the affair, Ranbir Kapoor’s mom Neetu Kapoor tweets a picture of the couple from the Balam Pichkari song which sort of instigated the fans the the media once again!

After all, Ranbir and Deepika had moved on to other people, so then why would mum Neetu publicly post a picture of the actor with his ex-girlfriend? Amidst this new bout of speculation, was Neetu Kapoor obliquely indicating her own preference in the matter?

While fans raved about the possibility of Deepika and Ranbir getting back, the media was also quickly picking up news on their personal life.

Deepika’s battle with depression, Ranbir and Katrina’s alleged wedding plans and beau Ranveer Singh’s growing fondness and support for Deepika in her trying times.

In this intricately woven web of rather complicated relationships, not everything can be classified as black and white.

Bollywood relationships today are far more evolved and mature. On one hand, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are alleged to be living together, on the other hand Deepika Padukone openly speaks about her acceptance of Ranveer Singh and his quirkiness. But it doesnt end here, Deepika acknowledges that Ranbir will always be very important part of her life.

While it is tempting to write it all off as a publicity-garnering attempt, we’re also willing to explore the possiblity that star relationships and love lives may not always have neatly tied loose ends like the scripts of Bollywood films.