Robbie Amell joins ‘The Babysitter’

LOS ANGELES: “The Flash” actor Robbie Amell will be seen alongside Judah Lewis and Samara Weaving in an upcoming drama “Babysitter”.


The film will be directed by McG.

The New Line movie follows a young boy (Lewis) and his babysitter (Weaving) on a night where things go very wrong, with the boy learning a few lessons about life, love and murder along the way.

McG will produce via his Wonderland Sound & Vision along with the company’s president, Mary Viola. Production is slated for later this Fall in Los Angeles.

The script is penned by Brian Duffield.

Amell, 27, plays Ronnie Raymond on The CW’s hit series The Flash, and previously appeared in TV series “The Tomorrow People” and “Revenge”.

He will also appear in the new “X-Files” miniseries. On the film side, he starred in CBS Films’ “The Duff” (also produced by Wonderland) and the recent Warner Bros’ movie “Max”.

The actor will also appear in “Nine Lives” with Kevin Spacey.