Salman is bigger star than SRK today: Ram Gopal Varma

Not too long ago, eminent filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma set the cat among the pigeons by tweeting, ‘Megastar SRK becoming ordinary fan, dwarf etc is as big a same blunder as what Kamal Haasan did to lose his stardom to Rajinikanth’.


When asked if Salman Khan is emerging to be the bigger star than SRK, Ramu told Indian media, “What do you mean by emerging? He already is a bigger star than SRK right now.

Eventually stardom is about collections. The star whose last three films collected the biggest will obviously be the bigger superstar.” Ramu also went on to explain the reason behind comparing SRK’s choice of films to Kamal Haasan’s in his tweet.

“Films work on two levels. I don’t subscribe to the fact that it is the story that makes the film work. It is the emotion.

Emotion can be created by a star. Just the sight of a SRK or Rajnikanth can give you a high. And all the film needs to do is not to bore you. It doesn’t need to tell you a story also. I think especially for superstars it is very dangerous to take up a story or different kind of a concept unless he is consciously making the decision.

That is where I drew the comparison to Leonardo Di Caprio. Caprio is a superstar but the fact that he wants to push himself into very different kind of cinema is a conscious decision that he has taken.

That’s up to him what he wants to do. But here somebody wants to become a superstar. He wants every film to collect 300 or 400 crores. Then you can’t afford to be like that,” averred Ramu.

The director who is currently busy promoting Veerapan also delved into why the late forest bandit is in his opinion the greatest villain there has ever been.

“As a character there is no parallel to him as he operated without any organisational support or network or without any great influential resources or without the help of political groups backing him. He created havoc in three state governments for more than two decades and I think there hasn’t been a case study like him till now.”