Salman Khan is Shaandaar, says Alia Bhatt

MUMBAI: Yes, that is what Alia Bhatt feels about Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor Salman Khan.


At the midnight song launch of ‘Neend Na Mujhko Aaye’ from ‘Shaandaar’, when Alia was asked about Salman Khan and how she finds as a person, pat came her reply. “I think Salman Khan is Shaandaar.”

Meanwhile, the midnight song launch saw both Alia and Shahid at their happiest best, cracking jokes and smiling all throughout.

Commenting on insomnia which is the theme of the song, Shahid Kapoor said: “The common man is still discovering insomnia. Vikas (Bahl) wanted common people to know about insomnia. I think it’s a problem that is faced by many people today. It’s a very urban problem. And I think it’s a cool idea to depict something that is a contemporary issue through a song.”

Talking about his own late night rendezvous, a naughty Shahid Kapoor said: “I used to stay awake only during my exam days. The rest of the time I used to stay awake for other reasons.”

When asked what he prefers doing to while time at night when awake, Shahid said, “I like going out on drives at night when not sleepy. I listen to music on my laptop and also watch a lot of films.”

Commenting on what causes one to lose sleep, Shahid Kapoor said, “If anything is in extreme, you don’t get sleep. If you are too much in love you don’t get sleep and if your heart breaks, you don’t get sleep.”

Alia, on her part, said, ” In the movie, Shahid is scared of night and darkness while I am not. In real life, it is exactly the opposite.”