Shah Rukh Khan gets a new vanity van worth Rs 4 cr

Dilip, whose company DC Design has earlier made SRK’s previous vanity vans, has now made a brand new vanity van for the superstar replete with all modern amenities and high-end technology. And the new vehicle has apparently cost the superstar a cool Rs 4 crore approximately. A small amount if you consider the array of facilities that the van offers.


Speaking about the brand new vanity van, a spokesperson of DC Design on condition of anonymity sayd that It’s an upmarket vanity van that we have made for Mr. Khan which includes a good amount of comfort. Special care has been paid to his love for sci-fi and we have built the van accordingly but at the same time Mr. Khan likes the sci-fi kind of interiors.”

The van took an estimated 45 to 60 days of manufacture and DC Design calls it the best vanity van in the country. “It won’t be wrong to say that this is the best and highest version of vanity van available in the country,” confirmed the spokesperson.

Talking about the special amenities, the official said, “We have used glass on the floor of the bus which is backlit and illuminated and we have wood panels on the roof. Just to give Mr. Khan a little bit more room inside we have created a small extension. So, once he goes to the sets and parks it, he can extend one side to make it into a bigger room.It has a pantry section, a wardrobe section, special make-up chair, separate toilet cubicle and an in built shower.”

The van also boasts of an all I-pad controlled function. ” We have fitted the van with all the latest gadgets and technological items which makes it the only vanity van in India to have all these thing. Many functions inside are I-Pad controlled including curtains and illuminations,” revealed the spokesperson.