Sunny Leone: I would love to romance Aamir Khan

Former adult film star Sunny Leone is a huge admirer of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan and she makes no bones about this fact.


The actress recently made news on social media when her tweet complimenting Aamir Khan received a response from the superstar himself. (Read the full story here)

While Sunny Leone has not met Aamir Khan in person yet, she is not averse to romancing the superstar onscreen.

Speaking to indian website here, Sunny Leone said, “Who wouldn’t want to romance Aamir Khan? Every actress all over the world would want to romance him on screen.”

Sharing the excitement she felt when Aamir Khan tweeted back, Sunny Leone said, “I remember Daniel (husband) telling me,’ Hey did u see Aamir has replied to your tweet. I was so happy. I was like ‘Whaaaat’. To get a response from him was really good.”

The actress has been a keen follower of Aamir’s films and described him as an amazing actor in Indian cinema.