Supporting a cause just to get noticed is disturbing: Sidharth Malhotra

Latest Update: January 24, 2016 | 484 Views

Celebrities often land in trouble when they voice their opinion about a cause, especially on social media, and end up at the receiving end of a backlash and protests. Actor Sidharth Malhotra says that film personalities should make such statements only if they genuinely feel for the cause, and not just for visibility. “I think it’s a personal call. You must (give an opinion), if you purely, truly feel for it. I think for me, the main question is, are you doing it just to get noticed or are you doing it because you genuinely feel for the cause?” he says.


The 31-year-old adds that if one truly cares for the cause, then one should go ahead and speak about it. “If it’s something that affects you and moves you, then, of course, go ahead. It’s (social media) made for that very purpose. Whether you’re a normal citizen or a celebrity, it’s made to give your view point. But if you’re just saying something scandalous to get more retweets or get noticed, then I find that a bit disturbing because then you’re just disrespecting the cause,” he says.

If you are speaking to Sidharth, it’s almost impossible to not ask him about his alleged relationship with actor Alia Bhatt, something that’s so vastly reported. Doesn’t he wish to set the record straight? “Who’s keeping the records? There are no records to keep! I don’t even see how a yes or a no would change somebody’s impression or lives. I think we’re all professional actors; you see our films not because of what we do off the camera, but because you like the trailers, our performance. It’s a personal choice whether people want to speak about it or not,” he signs off.