Theron objectified by Hollywood from the start

Charlize Theron stepped away from acting for almost two years early in her career because she felt Hollywood was objectifying her.


The Oscar-winning actress has shed light on her struggle with being pigeonholed by the movie business after her first film role in the 1996 crime flick 2 Days in the Valley.

“Someone thought it was a good idea to market almost the entire movie on me – objectifying me a little bit,” Theron said.

“I got a lot of attention from it, but the problem was that afterwards it was like, ‘We want you to do that again – can you just do that?’.

“And so I didn’t work for almost two years.”

Theron also spoke about her recent battle with producers of The Huntsman for equal pay alongside Chris Hemsworth – a battle she won.

“Once I asked, they said yes. They did not fight it,” she said.

“And maybe that’s the message: that we just need to put our foot down.”

Theron said girls and women need to realise that being a feminist is a good thing.

“It doesn’t mean you hate men. It means equal rights.”

“If you’re doing the same job, you should be compensated and treated in the same way.”