Vera Farmiga joins Liam Neeson in new thriller ‘The Commuter’

LOS ANGELES: The Conjuring star Vera Farmiga has signed up to join the cast of the thriller The Commuter alongside Liam Neeson.


Farmiga’s Orphan director Jaume Collett-Serra is helming the Studio Canal project.

Neeson will star as the eponymous commuter a businessman caught up in a criminal conspiracy unfolding on his train.

He is approached by Farmiga’s character and presented with an enticing but deadly offer.

Collett-Serra has previously worked with Neeson on the taut thrillers Non-Stop and Unknown, giving us an idea of the type of film we can likely expect.

The screenplay has been written by Byron Willinger and Phil de Blasi, with the project due to start filming this summer.