Will give up my career to marry the man I love: Katrina Kaif

MUMBAI: If ever there comes a time in Katrina Kaif’s life where she feels has to choose between career and love or marriage, she will opt for the latter.


When we asked the pretty actress if she would ever give up her flourishing career for the man she loves, Katrina without batting an eyelid said, “Absolutely, if I wanted to. I will not being forced or coerced into it. If that is what I felt then absolutely yee. If I feel my heart should be at home and raise children absolutely yes. I believe that every woman should follow her instinct.”

Interestingly, in the trailer of her upcoming film, Baar Baar Dekho Siddhartha’s character is seen expressing his exasperation at marriage and is seen reasoning that career is more important to him. When asked if men usually run away from marriage in general, Katrina told us, “I choose to take the stand that it isn’t gender thing but a personal thing.

There are many women who don’t want to settle down and want to focus on their careers and I also know many men who wouldn’t want to get married and focus on their careers. If one has to generalise then by nature women are more inclined towards family. And towards attachment and protection. Most women are like that. There are women who see differently and feel differently. But if you ask me personally, then I would like to choose both.”

But Katrina did make it clear if she felt she would have no qualms over choosing marriage and kids over her career. And that of course is a personal choice.