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Women’s rights protesters interrupt Meryl Streep’s film’s premiere

Latest Update: October 8, 2015 | 248 Views

LONDON: The London premiere of Meryl Streep’s new film “Suffragette” was interrupted by a group of women’s rights protester.

The premiere of the movie, in which the 66-year-old actress plays a women’s rights activist, saw protesters, from a group called Sisters Uncut, lay their bodies on the red carpet.

The group’s Facebook page shared a post telling the demonstration was meant to express their outrage over Parliament’s decision to cut funding for domestic violence services.

“To those in power, our message is this: your cuts are sexist, your cuts are dangerous, and you think that you can get away with them because you have targeted the people who you perceive as powerless. We are those people, we are women, we will not be silenced,” the post read.

The group has not specified whether it’s protest was related to the film, or they were using the red carpet as a means of gaining exposure.