You get paid what you deserve: Farah Khan

While many heroines have cried gender inequality in terms of how much they’re paid, filmmaker Farah Khan says one’s earning should be according to what one generates. She finds nothing wrong in A-list male actors making big bucks as compared to their female counterparts, as long as their box office figures match what they get paid.


“You get paid what you deserve, according to the money that your movie generates. I get much more than a lot of male directors and I also get less than some. But I get paid what I deserve and what I ask for,” she says, adding, “I feel it’s a business model. Today if Shah Rukh Khan or Salman (Khan) generate Rs 300 crore, they will not be paid the same as a heroine, who generates Rs 50 crore.”

The 50-year-old filmmaker adds that this issue has also come up because Hollywood is talking about it, “It’s also about too many people wanting to copy Hollywood.”

Meanwhile, Farah was recently honoured at the 37th Cairo International Film Festival for her film Om Shanti Om (2007). She says,”This is not like a competitive award, this is a big award there which they give for excellence in cinema to one filmmaker every year.”