• Umar Sharif Show

    Saturday & Sunday 8:00 PM
  • You watch WHAT is happening in the News. Ameer Abbas tells you WHY. Jaiza A complete analysis of the current political scenario from Islamabad.

    Monday to Thursday 8:00 PM
  • Monday to Thursday 10:00 PM
  • An exciting rewind of major sports events. A thrilling match is enjoyed by all sports lovers. But there are always questions - about a player’s performance, umpiring decisions, state of the ground, selection of team. Sports 1 gives you a complete overview of sports competitions around the world by showing clips of the match followed by expert opinions, interviews of players, selectors and commentators... A must watch for sports lovers.

    Every Saturday 7:05 PM
  • The political scene is heating up. The tension is rising, the sparks are flying. From Islamabad, Nadia Mirza gives you a front row seat to current political events and crises as they unfold. With access to sitting Ministers and leading office bearers of the ruling party and the opposition, Nadia is ideally positioned to show you every side of a burning national issue.

    Friday to Sunday 10:00 PM
  • Every government promises uplift of the poor and relief for the common man. But the exploitation of the weak and voiceless continues year after year. Nadia Naqi lifts the veil of corruption and apathy within our society and our government to expose the injustice and exploitation faced by ordinary people in their daily lives.  Armed with factual, unbiased information, Nadia gets to the root of the problem by questioning all the involved parties and demanding accountability from those guilty of the crime.

    Monday to Wednesday 7:05 PM
  • Her soft tone delivers some hard punches. Her polite manner demands honest answers to tough questions. Now she goes a step further. Whether it is investigating the crimes and misdeeds of our leaders— or exposing corrupt elements in our society, Shumaila places factual, verified information before her viewers prior to grilling the accused.

    Thursday to Friday 07:00 PM
  • Buying one newspaper gives you one point of view. Now you get the news and main stories of many newspapers without buying them—all in one programme. Front Page – a recap and summary of all the main stories of the day to give you a complete  overview of local and international news. Plus in depth analysis from experts to provide valuable insights into events developing around the world.

    Monday to Saturday 8:05 AM
  • Unexplained sounds. Dead men walking. Haunted houses. Is there another world out there? Listen to spine chilling stories of victims- and hear spiritualists, mind scientists and religious scholars give their opinions.

    Every Sunday 11:05pm
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