Arab businessman buys ‘world’s most expensive number plate’ for $5m

DUBAI: An Arab entrepreneur bought the world’s most expensive number plate reading ‘1’ for $5 million during a special auction of vehicle number plates in Sharjah, Local newspaper reported.


At least 1,300 people participated in the auction during which 60 number plates with special numbers were put on sale for upwards of $13m. Number plates with the digits 50, 333 and 1,000 were also put on display at the auction.

During the auction, businessman Arif Ahmaed Alzrauny exhibited interest in a number plate that read ‘1’.

At the time of auction, the bid for the number plate went up to $4.9m, after which Alzrauny raised the bid and purchased the number plate for $5m.

Alzrauny said he was determined to purchase the ‘Number 1’ plate for his car at any cost. He said he had always wanted to see himself as ‘Number 1’, which is why he wanted to buy the plate.