Citizens put heads together to make Karachi 100,000 trees richer

KARACHI: The overwhelming number of deaths during the recent heat wave in the city has prompted concerned citizens into action.


Residents of Karachi today pledged to plant 100,000 trees in the city to battle extreme weather brought about by climate change.

Addressing a meeting organized by the Pakistan Green Movement, Naim Qureishi of the National Forum for Environment and Health stressed the importance of making Karachi a greener city than it currently is.

“Indifference has already deprived our city of a much-needed buffer against climate change,” said Qureishi.

Sahar Taher Khan, the coordinator of the Pakistan Green Movement, said that the threat of future heat waves commands pragmatism in order to prevent devastation of the sort seen in June.

“To protect Karachi and its inhabitants against severe climate change, we need to join hands and go for massive plantation, which is known to create a cooling impact,” said Khan.

On the occasion, she announced a tree plantation campaign in Karachi that will begin immediately after Eidul-Fitr, with the help of both private and public sector organizations.

She urged Karachi’s youth to be particularly active in the effort.

Participants said that the city has turned into a concrete jungle of multi-storey buildings, coupled with haphazard development activities and a mass destruction of flora and fauna and felt this slide enhances vulnerability to climatic conditions.

Prominent faces at the meeting include Taufiq Pasha, Aqil Bilgrami, Seema Tahir, and Samir Shaikh, as well as others.