Cyclone Ashobaa heading towards Gulf

KARACHI: The tropical cyclone Ashobaa currently lies in the Arabian Sea some 540 kilometres south of Karachi and is heading towards the Persian Gulf.


Its effects have turned the weather pleasant which experienced mostly a cloudy day on Tuesday.

Director of the Pakistan Meteorological Department’s Karachi-based Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre Qayyoom Bhutto said that “Keeping in view the rough sea, owing to the cyclonic activity, he advised the fishermen not to venture in the open sea till Friday.”

He said the tropical cyclone Ashobaa had slightly tracked further north-westwards on Tuesday evening. The cyclone speed is around 10 kilometers per hour and its current location is about 540km south-southwest of Karachi and some 600km of east-southwest of Muscat (Oman) that was expected to suffer the harsh effects of the cyclone in the next couple of days.

The weatherman said the sea conditions along the Sindh-Makran coast were likely to remain rough to very rough associated with strong winds, particularly along the Makran coast, till Thursday evening/ night.

Mr. Bhutto has advised all stakeholders to keep themselves abreast of weather advisories of the PMD during the next couple of days to cope with the situation and he advises the Sindh fishermen not to venture in the open sea till Thursday, and the Balochistan fishermen not to venture in the open sea till Friday.

Under the influence of this weather system, Badin and Sujawal districts with chances of flash floods in southwest Balochistan during the next 36-48 hours.

The minimum temperature recorded on Tuesday in the city was 29 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature was 36 degrees Celsius and humidity (amount of moisture in the atmosphere) was 54 per cent.

The weather in the metropolis on Wednesday was expected to remain partly cloudy with chances of rain/ thunderstorm/ dust-raising winds. The maximum temperature is expected to remain between 34 and 37 degrees Celsius.