Dengue claims child’s life in Peshawar; number of patients rises in Punjab

PESHAWAR/LAHORE: A 12-year-old child lost his life at a hospital in Peshawar on Sunday after battling the fatal dengue disease.


The child’s father, Ajmal Khan, claimed that the life of his child could have been saved had the hospital staff provided treatment on time. According to Khan, the child was left battling the disease for hours without any attention from doctors or hospital staff.

The number of patients affected by the mosquito-borne disease in Peshawar has now crossed 100.

Number of dengue patients rises in Punjab

Meanwhile, the number of dengue patients is also on the rise in Punjab province.

A patient lost his life in Rawalpindi today, while the dengue virus has been confirmed in 12 more persons in Multan.

In Rawalpindi, the total number of dengue patients being treated at different hospitals has crossed 3,000. With the death of one patient today, the number of people who have become victims of the deadly disease has reached 8 in Rawalpindi.

Meanwhile, a similar situation exists in Multan, where – after the confirmation of 12 more cases – the total number of dengue patients has risen to 334.

The mosquito-borne disease has so far claimed 2 lives in Multan.