Four eggs per week good but more harmful: New study

Finally the myth about how many eggs should one eat a week has been broken as the new study has claimed that four eggs per is good for health but has also warned that sometimes even 4 eggs a week can be dangerous.


Even the researcher were surprised about the new findings from the University of Eastern Finland that showed eggs could reduce the risk of developing the Type-2 diabetes by almost half. Type-2 diabetes are major cause of death worldwide.

Researcher are attributing nutrients present in the eggs that improve the metabolism in the body to make use of the sugar and result in less inflammation that often causes type-2 diabetes.

Researcher noticed the eating habit of 2,332 middle-aged men during the l980s, and found that those who regularly took 4 eggs a week were 39 per cent less likely to fall sick than those who never ate eggs.

Also, 39 per cent of men also showed lower blood sugar levels no increase in their cholesterol levels.

To the brighter side in the study done by scientist did not mention any way as how the egg was cooked, what it means is that you eat egg in whatever way it was cooked while showing that the cholesterol effect was not much among those who ate it four times in a week.

But the study contradicts a 2008 finding that people who eat eggs every day at seven or more were 58 per cent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who did not eat eggs, and women were 78 per cent more likely to affected by the disease.

Although they noted that about 0.8 g of polyunsaturated fat in egg may confer a lower risk of disease, scientist noted that evidence for effect of dietary or egg cholesterol on glucose metabolism has been inconsistent.