Fruits, vegetables protect human brain too

LONDON: A Mediterranean diet of fruits and vegetables are a tonic for the human brain, says a new study.


The fruits, vegetables, nuts, lentils and lean meats that are part and parcel of the diet play a key role in warding off depression, a Mediterranean style diet is ideal for the upkeep of the human mind, British news channel reported.

The experiment had 15,093 individuals in it. It proved that depression often occurred due to a deficiency of certain essential nutrients in the diet.

For the first time, the deep connection between nutrition and psychological well-being is being studied with focus and interest.

Several recommendations have emerged from the research. Three dietary regimens were examined. One of these was the Mediterranean diet and the other two were the Pro-Vegetarian and the alternative healthy eating varieties of smart nutrition.

Those who were test subjects in the study stuck to their respective diets with tenacity and perseverance. Such unhealthy items as processed meats and sweets were cut out from the daily intake. And healthy fare such as fruits, vegetables and nuts were included in the usual intake.

The results were conclusive. Besides helping the body fight off all the degenerative diseases, the diets that were high in fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables were more likely to lead to mental peace of mind and happiness.

All signs of depression or ennui simply vanished without a trace. Thus chemical imbalance had been causing the blues and mood swings seemed to get resolved thanks to eating fresh produce.

Especially the omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in the live foods were essential for brain function. They had a salubrious effect on the mind.