Ice Cream that doesn’t melt has finally arrived

A recent study revealed that half of all people in the UK don’t finish their ice cream before it melts when it’s hot outside.


That dilemma has now been solved with the introduction of what’s being billed as “The World’s First Unmeltable Ice Cream.”

The frozen concoction was developed by chefs in a special “innovation kitchen” — where it was exposed to high heat to ensure that it maintained its shape.

Tests were also conducted to guarantee that the cones would retain their crunchiness when the new ice cream is scooped inside.

Unfortunately, the creators are not revealing their secret because they don’t want to tip off the competition.

If you want to try out the new treats, you’ll have to head to the ice cream van at Alton Towers theme park in England. Be one of the first to ask for “unmeltable ice cream” and you’ll get a cone for free.

It’s unclear if the new technology will ever be used nefariously to stop puppies from melting our hearts.