India: Baby Born with Seven Testicles

Lakhimpur: A young couple from the Uttar Pradesh province in northern India has given birth to a child born with seven testicles.


The birth has generated quite a sensation in the local community as pilgrims from all over the country have gathered to get a glimpse of the “auspicious birth”.

“Many believe this child to be an incarnation of Vishnu” explains Dr. Ashuka Varjanath, who attended to the birth. “To be deemed with seven testicles is an auspicious sign to most people. This child will bring good luck and fertility to the whole community” he explained.

“I cannot bear children, so I came here to see this blessed child” explains a women in her thirties, hoping to get a glimpse, or even touch, the young boy. “If I could only touch him, I might become fertile again” she told a local reporter.

“I have seen the boy and already, I feel like I have been rejuvenated” claims a man in his eighties. “When I touched his testicles, I felt like an electric shock all over my body. This boy is a living God!” he screamed out, in front of the hospital, visibly shaken.

“Never in my lifetime could I dream of having such a beautiful baby” cried out his mother, 24-year old Abishala Guptar. “Of all my seven children, this is my most praised one” she admits. “The gods have blessed us with a miracle child, we will be forever grateful” she told reporters.

The family has received many offers to “adopt” the child but claim they will keep it.

“We have received many generous offers but we cannot give away a child given to us by the gods” she told local reporters.

“We have issued a process where people can visit the baby and its family” ensures police officer, Gudjat Barat. “If we had not permitted this, we believe there would have been riots and we are trying to prevent the situation from escalating” he told a local television news crew.

The case of baby Arjuna is not unique in history as a newborn baby who was born in 1987 near Tchernobyl, Ukraine, with a congenital birth defect which led it to develop both female and male genitalia with a reported 6 vaginas and 11 male organs. Tragically, the baby passed away hours after its birth.