Indonesia to punish dating teens with marriage for breaking curfew

JAKARTA: In a bid to reign in fraternization between young men and women, authorities in the picturesque state of West Java in Indonesia have decided to impose an early curfew of 9pm.


If any couple is caught dating after the curfew, they will be punished by being forced to marry each other.

This unconventional law will be implemented from September 2.

Local government in Purwakarta decided that instead of throwing teenagers into jail, or extracting a fine from them, it was better that they learn the harsher truths of life early on.

Moreover, such teens may get what they ultimately desire; marriage.

The city administration has ordered 193 village heads to conduct raids after 9pm “for immoral boyfriend and girlfriend visitations.”

The orders were passed by Dedy Mulyadi, the Purwakarta regent.

“[If caught] we will force them to get married,” Dedi told his village heads, 87 of whom were recently appointed, on Monday.

According to the regent, the aim of the order was to prevent cases “immorality that corrupt youth” and to force them respect their parents.

Dedy says the curfew will be drafted into regulation soon in order to have a legal basis which he is confident could be completed by mid-September.