Instagram announces application for PCs and laptops

Instagram has become one of the most popular social medium around the world, especially among the youth. The company has, recently, announced that the application will now be available for Windows; preferable Windows 10 laptops and PCs.


Instagram for desktop and laptop can now be downloaded, but, with limited functionalities. As stated by the authorities in the official press release; the users will now have an access to basic features like Stories, Explore, and Direct.

Moreover, the users can also capture, edit, and share pictures on the app directly through their Windows 10 device. In case of laptops and PCs, Insta application demands a back camera and a touch screen. This is where the users might be disappointed after hearing the much-awaited big news.

Most of the organizations and corporations, around the world, were demanding a desktop version of the application; so that they may directly post relevant snaps on Instagram. However, most of the laptops and PCs do not have touchscreens.