iPhone 7 may be Apple’s first waterproof handset

BEIJING: With the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus now available in selected countries, Apple is turning its attention to the iPhone 7.


Reports from China indicate that Apple is prototyping handsets with waterproof and dustproof features.

There is a possible IP67 certification on the way for the iPhone 7 if these rumours prove to be true.

This would mean that the iPhone 7 would be completely protected against dust, while it would be protected against water immersion between 15 centimetres and 1 metre.

Interestingly, some tests have found that the iPhone 6S and 6S plus are water resistant, though Apple hasn’t even hinted at this being the case. Zach Straley submerged the two devices in water and they survived a full two days in water.

Another Weibo post indicates that Apple will utilise a new material for the handset’s body. The iPhone 7 could see Apple move away from the tried-and-tested all-aluminium chassis.

Finally, Mac Otakara’s sources suggest that the next iPhone will adopt a “completely flat” LCD display.

It’s early days yet, so details are subject to change. But for peace of mind, many Apple fans will be hopeful that an officially waterproof device will be announced next year.