Microsoft’s new iPhone keyboard makes it easier to text with one hand

NEW YORK: Tech giant Microsoft has recently released a one-handed keyboard application.


On Monday, Microsoft’s free Word Flow keyboard app made its US debut in Apple Inc’s iOS App Store. The free keyboard, which is only available in English in the US presently, makes it easier to text with a single hand.

Word Flow can be used like a traditional QWERTY keyboard. Otherwise, the app allows you to text by swiping between letters to form words and sentences quickly.

However, the standout feature for the keyboard is its ‘arc’ mode — once activated, the keyboard transforms into an arc (for lefties and righties), making it easier to type with one hand, especially on large iPhones. The arc is adjustable for lefties and righties.

Word Flow comes with a predictive algorithm like most good phone keyboards to anticipate your next word for faster texting. It is Microsoft’s second keyboard release for iPhone.

Earlier on Wednesday, Microsoft Corp said it would stop production of its popular Xbox 360 video game console, which helped the company gain a firm foothold in the market.

More than 80 million units of the console have been sold since it was launched in 2005. Xbox 360 also introduced Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing game device. It was the company’s primary gaming console, until it launched the Xbox One in 2013.