Mountain climber scales Mount Elbrus carrying 75 kilograms

MOSCOW: Many climbers have scaled Mount Elbrus the highest peak in Europe peaking at 5,642 meters. What Andrey Rodichev has achieved will probably remain a record for many many years to come.


Russian power-lifter Andrey Rodichev is the first person in the world to climb Mount Elbrus while carrying a 75 kilogram barbell on his back.

It might make many cringe because they cannot lift as much while training at the gym, but Andrey combined trekking and power-lifting and set a new athletic standard.

To achieve the feat, Andrey dropped 20 kg of bodyweight, ran for 90-minutes a day carrying 10 kg additional weight and trained every evening at the gym.

Though scaling Mount Elbrus is an easy task for mountain climbers who leave their gear at the bottom before their ascent; carrying 75-kilograms makes the relatively easy task into a daunting challenge.

With specially designed straps to hold the weight in place, a twenty kilogram bar with two 25-kg discs he climbed at an average pace of 50-meters and hour dropping down to 15-meters an hour at times.

Andrey Rodichev reached the summit of Mount Elbrus on September 6th, in eight days.