Nokia’s first VR camera ‘Ozo’ goes up for preorder at $60,000

Designed to capture video in 360°, with quality audio, Nokia Technology’s Ozo is a high-end piece of equipment that is now available for pre-order at $60,000.


Nokia Technologies has been working on new business ventures after having dropped their smartphone division in 2014, and virtual reality technology is one of their undertakings.

The Finnish company initially teased the Ozo, their first high-end, professional-quality VR camera, back in July.

Today, at a press event, they have announced that the Ozo is available for preorder at $60,000, according to The Verge.

The spherical design contains eight cameras in total with 2K X 2K resolution and eight microphones in order to create directional sound.

Nokia Technologies plan to sell a range of accessories alongside the camera, such as an extra 500 GB memory block and docking station.