Obesity linked to memory loss

People with obesity and type two diabetes are at nearly three folds greater risk of developing age related cognitive impairment, says a study.


Too much fat in the body causes inflammation that triggers a cell called microglia. That cell is designed to clean the body of trash or infections, which keeps the neurons in our brains healthy but when met with inflammation, it doesn’t get the right signal to perform its job, British news channel reported.

Anytime one starts interfering with metabolic processes, like in obesity and type two diabetes, they’re going to have an effect on the brain simply because the brain uses so much energy.

Memory loss can start off gradually, like forgetting where your keys are. But the progression can escalate to conditions as serious as dementia.

The research shows that there is good news. There are drugs used for diseases like rheumatoid arthritis that could help with damage to the brain.

Switching out high-fat foods for more healthy options and moderate weight loss are enough to significantly decrease the chance of developing memory loss.