Pakistani student wins gold medal in international math competition

An exceptionally bright student of PakTurk International School in Jamshoro has brought home a gold medal after competing in Math Challenge V hosted by the Pan-Asia International School in Bangkok.


Making Pakistan proud, Rajinish Aneel Bhatia of grade 7 bagged the gold medal in the international math competition.

Three other students from the same school also secured silver and bronze medals. Harun Yilmaz of grade 8 won a silver medal while Abdul Wasay Kandhir and Abdul Wasay Memon, of grade 7 and 8 respectively, bagged a bronze medal each.

Both Bhatia and Kandhir took to Facebook to announce their win.

Schools from all over Asia participated in the Math Challenge V held on November 17 and 18. The competition aims to encourage students to study and excel in math and critical thinking.

The prizes for gold, silver and bronze medalists are 3,000 THB, 2,100 THB, 1,500 THB respectively.


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