Researchers find out reason of white stuff over Chocolate

Do you have ever noticed white stuff over you chocolate? Many of you might have seen that weird white stuff, which not only troubles you but has also become a problem for chocolate industry.


A group of German researchers have conducted research with an aim to know the root cause of the process. The researchers said that they wanted to know the reason behind the ‘fat blooming’ on chocolate, so that they can help to reduce this problem.

In order to conduct the research, they used X-rays. The research published in the journal Applied Materials and Interfaces unveiled that the white stuff is not at all harmful for health. It is actually made up of fats and is edible.

Liquid fats within chocolate can migrate to the surface and can crystallize and form a fat bloom. It brings changes in the texture. The study researchers from Hamburg University of Technology, German research center DESY and Nestlé used a high-powered machine, the PETRA III to see what is going on in our favorite sweet.

Firstly, the researchers mixed all the ingredients of chocolate, including cocoa, sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter and mixed it into a fine mixture. To this mixture, they added sunflower oil, which took just few seconds to enter into tiniest pores of the mix.

In the next few hours, the oil migrated through chocolate dissolving the cocoa butter into liquid. It turned the entire mix quite smooth and increased the movement of the fats. X-rays grabbed the action, showing fat crystals and pores are quite small.

“The method used is known as small-angle X-ray scattering and is precisely adapted to real-time investigations of this kind, and to observing the structural changes caused by the moving lipids”, said study’s co-author Stephan Roth.

The researchers have suggested reducing the number of pores within chocolate. This would help reducing the speed of fats to migrate within chocolate