Saudi crown prince honours Pakistani for risking life to rescue citizen

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif has offered a financial reward to a Pakistani for risking his own life to save that of a Saudi citizen.


Undeterred by torrential floodwater, Shawkat Ali Amin saved the life of Al-Qahtani, a Saudi citizen, who was about to drown in Tathleet valley in Asir region.

Al-Qahtani climbed to the top of his car when the floods besieged him. Shawkat, who was standing nearby, immediately joined the Civil Defense teams to put the life vest around Qahtani’s body and pulled him out to safety.

Responding to the announcement of the reward, Shawkat expressed thanks and appreciation for the noble gesture of the Crown Prince, however, what he did was just an expression of love for Saudi Arabia and its people, he added.