Six-year-old Hamza becomes world’s youngest MS PowerPoint specialist

LONDON: A six year old British Pakistani boy, Hamza Shahzad has set a new world record by becoming the world’s youngest MS PowerPoint specialist.


Hamza made this record by clearing the examination of MS PowerPoint specialist. Shahzad also had another world record to his credit being the youngest MS Office professional. He set this record by getting the Microsoft Certification in MS Office 2013.

Shahzad scored 850 points out of 1,000 while the required passing score for the Microsoft PowerPoint was just 700. He attended the exam in Microsoft Institute in London.

Hamza got 90 % in creating and managing presentations, 50 % in inserting and formatting shapes and slides, 67 % in creating side content, 100 % in applying transition and animations and 100 % in managing multiple presentations.

This is not the first time that any Pakistani kid has performed so well in different fields especially in the field of computer. Before that, Arfa Karim became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of just nine years.