Taiwan builds shoe-shaped glass church to attract female worshipers

TAIPEI: A 55-feet tall tinted blue glass church in the shape of a high-heeled shoe has been built in Taiwan in a bid to attract more female worshipers and tourists.


Made with over 320 tinted glass panels, the shiny blue church took over two months to build and cost about $686,000, according to the British news channel.

The church which resembles the glass slipper from Disney’s Cinderella is located in Ocean View Park in Budai Town, on the east coast of Taiwan.

According to some, the church has been tailor-made for women and includes attractive design features such as chairs for ‘lovers’, maple leaves, cakes and biscuits.

Some have been critical of the concept, terming it sexist and the ultimate gendered product.

Although it is set to formally open on February 8, the unique structure is already attracting tourists from across the globe.