The scariest hotel room in the world hangs off the side of a mountain


If you’re paying $1,000 a night to stay in a hotel, it’s more than likely that you’re living lavishly.


Perhaps you’re in a Vegas suite, or maybe you’re enjoying some scenic views from within a tucked-away hotel in Italy.

But for those looking to travel abroad and simultaneously live on the edge, quite literally, there’s always a room opens at Skylodge Adventure Suites.

Located in Peru, the rooms available here hang precipitously off the side of a mountain. As for accessing your room, well, that involves climbing up a few hundred feet or having some fun on a zipline.

For about $1,000 per night, you can sleep in one of these suspended “transparent luxury capsules.” All you have to do is climb the 400 feet up to get into one.

Guests climb by via ferrata, a ladder-like framework made of iron, or they can hike an “intrepid trail through ziplines.”

Notably, extensive climbing experience is not a prerequisite for guests.

As for the accommodations, each suite (or perhaps capsule is more appropriate) is about 24 feet long and 8 feet wide with enough room for four beds.

The hotel website adds that each room is “hand crafted out of aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate.”

As a final point, the $1,000 a night fee provides guests with respectable 300 degree view overlooking the Urubamba Valley along with a private bathroom and gourmet meals.

Below is an overhead shot of the hotel room followed by a shot of what things look like from the inside looking out.