UK: Blind teenager ordered to leave restaurant with her guide dog

LONDON: A 19-year-old blind teenager in the UK was left in tears after she was forced to leave a Thai restaurant because she had her guide dog with her.


The teenager’s guide dog, a two-year-old Labrador Retriever, had his status clearly indicated by a harness and signs saying ‘do not distract me, I’m a working dog’.

“My daughter had been left upset after the manager of the Yee Rah Thai restaurant in Liverpool told her to get out,” her mother was quoted as saying by local news website.

“All restaurants should be accessible to all people in the city and it’s disgusting that people are treated in this way,” she added.

It was perfectly clear that the labrador was working as an assistance dog but the manager said, “I don’t care, you’ve got to leave.”

The manager asked them they could sit outside with the dog. She was absolutely mortified by what happened and she came home very distressed and frustrated, the report said.

The incident has already attracted negative comments on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“It absolutely is our policy to allow guide dogs into our restaurants. The conversation is between us and the guest and the investigation is ongoing. It is our company policy across all restaurants that guide dogs are allowed to come in,” said Yee Rah’s brand manager Rachael Clarke.