Watermelon helps reduce high blood pressure

ISLAMABAD: Watermelon helps reduce high blood pressure as a substance, extracted from its seeds, is reported to dilate blood vessels, said Dr Arif Majeed on Friday.


Talking to APP he said, it stimulates kidney action and enhance the production of urine which favours the elimination of toxins.

It is low in fiber and its fats content is sort of non-existent.

It is worth mentioning that its contents of the carotenoids lutein and lycopene.

Lycopene, the responsible pigment for the red colour in certain fruits, has de-oxidizing properties that help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“Moreover, watermelon assists decrease blood pressure, has de-oxidizing properties, fights infection, facilitates your body heal faster, can aid in weight management, and is a comfort meal that maysooth tension and stress”.

Unprecedented rise in temperature during the last few days had risen the demand of watermelon.

A watermelon seller said that there was a huge demand of watermelon in the city due to rise of temperature as compare to other fruits.

Talking about the demand of this summer fruit, he said that “a number of trucks carrying watermelon reach in the market on daily basis”

“People are buying watermelons at the price around 25 to 30 per kg. The business will pick up with further rise in mercury in the coming days,” a roadside vendor Amaan Ullah hoped.