What is breast cancer ..?

KARACHI: Kaashh stood tall in its first battle against breast cancer as they briefed the media and audience via a campaign presentation and theatrical play. Dr Adnan Jabbar, Head of Oncology Department Agha Khan University Hospital, accompanied the team highlighting the issues caused by cancer in Pakistan while shedding light on the taboos of fighting breast cancer.


Many important personalities of Pakistan have now been attached to this very brave cause as team Kaashh has now taken a very bold step accompanied with various supportive personalities from the Pakistani community fighting against breast cancer.

The team’s theatrical play “AkhriLamhay”, lead by two young actors, was applauded by the audience as they were touched to their core by the innate fear of Caner in our society. They were also awakened by the different facts brought onto the floor pertaining to early detection and chemotherapy. A broader audience was reached via Kaashh’s Facebook Live News Feed, which became a tool for the people to give their opinions and share their beliefs.

Following today’s event team Kaashh will be opening new roads for its breast cancer campaign in the months to come as they take their campaign from Karachi to Kashmir