World’s largest aircraft the ‘Airlander 10’ makes maiden flight in UK

LONDON: The Airlander 10, dubbed as the world’s largest aircraft took to the air for the first time on Wednesday from an airfield north of London.


According to media reports, an earlier planned flight for the hybrid air vehicle scheduled for Sunday was cancelled due to technical issues.

At 92 meters long and over 43 meters wide even the Airbus A380 is dwarfed before it. However, it carries a much slimmer price tag in comparison, just north of $32 million the Airlander costs one-tenth the price of an A380 ($375m).

The Airlander by design can carry heavier loads than conventional airships but will consume less fuel. Developer company Hybrid Air Vehicles claims the Airlander can travel at speeds in excess of 90 mph (148 Km/h) and can stay airborne for two weeks.