World’s shortest couple get engaged in Brazil

SAO PAULO: The world’s shortest couple with a combined height of five feet ten inches (1.77 meters) got engaged last week in Brazil after eight years of dating.


In front of their friends, 30-year-old Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros, standing at 34.8 inches (0.88 meters), proposed to 27-year-old Katyucia Hoshino measuring 35.2 inches (0.89 meters) at a sushi restaurant in their hometown of Itupeva, Southeast Brazil.

After making sure Paulo was not joking, Katyucia accepted his proposal.

The couple said they were open to the possibility of having a baby in the future, even though it may be difficult for Katyucia to carry a baby full-term given her size.

“I want to one day get married,” Katyucia said. “Whether we have kids or not, I want to be happy, that’s what I want.”

The couple also hope the engagement can lead to their official recognition as the world’s shortest couple.

“Once we get married we will try to be recognized as the world’s shortest couple through the Guinness World Records,” Paulo was quoted as saying.

The official title currently belongs to another Brazilian couple, Douglas Maistre Breger da Silva, 46, and Claudia Pereira Rocha, 43, with a combined height of five feet eleven inches (1.80 meters). They got married 18 years ago.