World’s tiniest Drone can fit on the tip of your Finger

The world’s teensiest drone is the size of a quarter. Dubbed Aerius, this drone is so small that it can fit into the remote that controls it.


Despite its minuscule size, Aerius boasts pretty impressive specs. It includes a 6-axis gyroscope to keep it from flying off course, adjustable flight control sensitivity, intelligent orientation control, LED lights and even a set of pre-programmed aerial tricks, including barrel rolls and flips.

The main drawback to buying this teensie tiny thing is that Aerius battery life offers a paltry flight time of just 5-7 minutes. That’s enough time to annoy a coworker or send someone a (very, very light) greeting card from across the room, but little else. However, the good news is that Aeries can recharge in just 15 minutes, allowing you to get it back into the air almost as quickly as it poops out. A 2.4GHz transceiver ensures solid connectivity between controller and drone.

Aerius is selling for just $35. While the device won’t start shipping for the next few months, you can already pre-order your very own tiny drone right here.