Amir Khan to set up boxing academy in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Briton boxer Amir Khan, is determined to establish a boxing academy in Islamabad by the end of this year.


“Boxing in Pakistan needs a base among young athletes and setting up academies would help move the process forward,” the boxer said while addressing media in Islamabad.

He further said that he believed Pakistan has the ability to produce numerous champions and sought the government’s help in establishing the academy in the capital.

“Pakistan can produce not one or two, but several champions; but they need support,” he concluded.

The decision to establish the academy comes after Khan’s visit to Pakistan to visit his family.

During his visit he also assured that he was ready to train Pakistani boxers in England if they came to his Amir Khan Academy.

The 28-year-old in earlier comments said that Pakistan only lacks facilities while the boxing talent is there.