Bodybuilding clubs in hot water after mysterious death of weightlifters

KARACHI: Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation cancelled the registration of all the bodybuilding clubs in the country following the mysterious deaths of four bodybuilders in the 17 days.


Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation, in its stance, stated that bodybuilders are made to consume banned substances.

“The registration of all bodybuilding clubs in the country has been cancelled a five-member committee has been initiated in every province,” the federation stated. The organization added that the clubs will have to submit an affidavit for the restoration of their registration.

It should be noted that the main cause of death of the four bodybuilders is unknown but the consumption of banned substances is said to be one of the reasons.

Bodybuilder Matloob Haider became the fourth bodybuilder to die in mysterious circumstances within a period of 17 days. His death came several days after the passing away of Humayun Khurram, who had won the South Asian Bodybuilding Championship.

Khurram’s family denied that the bodybuilder was on steroids and passed away while consuming a meal.

Bodybuilder Hamid Ali, hailing from Sialkot, also died on 3rd April in mysterious circumstances while Gujranwala’s Rizwan had also died in similar fashion as well.