Bowl as much as you can: Muhammad Zahid to Amir

ISLAMABAD: Former pacer Muhammad Zahid has advised Muhammad Amir to go out on the field and bowl as much as he can.


Zahid said Amir had suffered the consequences of his mistakes, adding that he had been a great talent back in 2010 and should have no problem in regaining the status of a ‘promising find’ when he starts playing international cricket again.

“The period away from the game gave Amir’s body a break, but one that probably saved him from injuries which would have come from a high workload,” quoted him as saying.

Zahid said Amir is now returning to cricket as a mature human being and his body is also better equipped to handle the pressures of international cricket.

“My advice to Amir will be to go out and bowl as much as he can and work on regaining his form. Once he starts playing good cricket, all other matters will move aside,” he said.

Zahid said it will be interesting to see what happens when Amir does play First-Class cricket.

“Forget how his teammates may or may not feel about him but I am more concerned about the reaction of the paying public to seeing Amir on a cricket pitch again,” he said.

Zahid said our home crowds may forget and forgive him as they love their heroes and tend to have short memories when it comes to famous people.

“What I worry about is the type of reception he will get when he plays international cricket say for example in England,” he said.

Speaking about Muhammad Asif and Salman Butt, Zahid said the situation is slightly different in their case.

“Age is not on Asif’s side. He is, as per official records, thirty-two now but we really don’t know how old he really is,” he said.

Zahid said to make a comeback at this age will take some doing.

“As with Amir, his skills are not the issue but his match fitness will certainly be an important factor. Asif may not have an easy pass as Amir would have to the national team as most people feel Amir was very young when he made that mistake,” he said.

Zahid said similarly for Salman Butt, he will find it very difficult to make room for himself as an opener in a team where we have developed a few opening options.

“I really don’t see him making a comeback in the national team,” he said.