Call off India-Pakistan series: Shoaib Akhtar

DUBAI: Former Pakistan speed-star and the world’s fastest bowler Shoaib Akhtar upheld that Pakistan and India should not stage a series unless a peaceful accord in politics is done between the two nations.


Shoaib Akhtar expressed his views while talking during the promotion of Sprite Cricket Stars tournament in Dubai where he said the cancellation of Aug 23 talks between the two countries was a reasonable excuse to postpone the series to a later date.

“Everybody knows to keep politics separate from sport,” said the speed-star.

“But unfortunately there’s a lot of unrest on the borders and it’s not right to play such a Test between the two countries at this time.

“However, I would encourage that, whenever the unrest settles and whenever India and Pakistan are ready to talk again at the highest level, cricket would be the perfect way to bridge relations,” added the former attacker of Pakistan national side.

He said that people from both the sides love to see two Asian rivals facing each other and spectators are crazy about the series between these two.

“They are still two of the best teams in the world and neither can avoid each other if you want to keep cricket interesting.

You cannot ignore that the rarest of talent comes out of these countries and that people love to see them play against each other,” he added.

Meanwhile, in the light of the MoU signed between the two countries, six series are to be played between them over the next eight years, the first of which was scheduled to be hosted by Pakistan in neutral venue, UAE, in December for three Test, five ODIs and two Twenty20s.