India demands apology from Pakistan hockey players to resume series

NEW DELHI: The Indian Hockey Federation seems not have forgotten the victory and ‘vociferous’ celebrations of Pakistan players in Champions Trophy 2014 semi final match in Bhubaneswar last year against the arch-rival, and demanded the team green players to offer apology to resume hockey series with India.


IHF chairman Narendra Batra said Pakistani players had demonstrated ‘indecent’ expression towards the crowd and they should apologize for it.

He went on to say that no Pakistan-India hockey series could take place until the Pakistani players ‘say sorry’ for their act.

Batra said no Pakistani player will be called for Indian Hockey League.

The captain of Pakistan hockey team Muhammad Imran denied his players had committed any act beyond ethical limits. India is just making excuses to keep Pakistani players away from its league, he said.

I am not at all fond of playing in the Indian Hockey League, said the Pakistan team captain.

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