Nothing wrong in watching stage drama: Akmal

LAHORE: Retracting from his earlier statement, Umar Akmal Monday admitted that he visited a theater, saying there is nothing wrong in watching a stage drama.


Talking to media here, Akmal denied violation of any Pakistan Cricket Board’s code of conduct. “If I have violated any rule, the board and the government can punish me.”

Akmal asked the media to refrain from interfering into his personal and family life.

Yesterday, the controversial cricketer, who was last caught in Hyderabad attending a dance party, was filmed watching a drama “Kurian ballay bally” at a theatre in Faisalabad, where Pakistan Cup is being played.

The cricketer left the theatre immediately after being identified by people.

Earlier, Umar Akmal denied he visited the theatre, but video emerged from the scene confirmed that the cricketer was hiding the truth.

Taking notice of the incident, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said it has launched an inquiry against Umar Akmal.

Akmal is representing Balochistan in the tournament.