10 dead as car bombs hit upmarket Baghdad hotels

BAGHDAD: Car bombs ripped through car parks at two high-profile Baghdad hotels killing at least ten people, police said.


The explosions occurred just before midnight local time and were targeted at two of the city’s upmarket hotels.

Those hit were the Ishtar, formerly the Sheraton Hotel, a popular site for wedding celebrations, and the area.

Another blast hit the car park of the Babylon hotel, another upmarket and recently refurbished hotel that overlooks the Tigris river in the Jadriya neighbourhood.

At least 30 people were injured in the blasts.

The Babylon and Sheraton were hit in coordinated attacks in January 2010, together with the Hamra, which never reopened.

The attacks five years ago were carried out by suicide bombers and killed at least 36 people. They were claimed by Al-Qaeda in Iraq, the group that later became IS.