Abdullah Abdullah alleges Pakistan financing extremism in Afghanistan

KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Afghanistan government on Tuesday blamed Pakistan of nurturing and financing extremism in Afghanistan, Afghan media reported.


While talking to a council of ministers, Abullah said that the elements who commit crimes in Afghanistan are being financed and armed in neighboring Pakistan.

“In regards to Pakistan in spite of our people’s skepticism, we took bold steps to improve relations, but unfortunately, Pakistan did cooperate in anti-terrorism activities over the past 10 months as we expected and they issued good statements, but those who commit crimes against our people are financed there, they are armed there, and finally they keep Mullah Omar’s death a secret for two years, and then openly hold new leadership meetings on order to restore their identity under the leadership of a new criminal, to gain legitimacy and continue their carnage.”

“Not only has no change been detected in the military machinery of the Taliban over the last 10 months, but it has in fact gotten stronger because they don’t feel any pressure, and they are armed and financed, and resort to unencumbered mobility.” He said.