At least two dead, 20 wounded in Jerusalem attacks

Israeli medical services say at least two people have been killed and 20 wounded in a pair of separate attacks in Jerusalem.


Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says two attackers stabbed and shot people on a bus and were captured at the scene. One person was killed.

Almost simultaneously, there was another stabbing attack at a bus stop in another part of the city that killed another person. The attacker was shot dead.

The attacks, plus another two stabbing attacks in the central Israeli city of Raanana, would mark the most serious series of incidents in a month-long wave of violence.

Since the Jewish New Year last month, seven Israelis have been killed and dozens wounded in a shooting, a stoning and a series of stabbings.

At least 27 Palestinians been killed by Israeli fire, including 11 identified by Israel as attackers and the rest in clashes between stone-throwers and Israeli troops. Hundreds of Palestinians have been wounded in such confrontations.